Cookie Cracked

Have I expressed to you my true infatuation for a good cookie? Well in the case that you are unaware, I am a cookie monster. I’m talking a lean mean fighting cookie-craving machine. A cookie maven, a cookie master, a cookie freak. A professional cookie taster. The powerhouse of…okay, you get it. Where did this come from one may ask?? I have to be honest, it’s in the genes. I got my dreaded sweet tooth from my mother- it was always in the cards. C’est la vie! How can one pass up a gooey, chunky, decadent, oat-y baked treat at any time of the day? This, of course, is why I created my own version. On the healthier side, my cookies are made with a wholesome blend of flours, oats, unrefined sugars, some with dried fruits and nuts, some with decadent organic chocolate, and they are the perfect size to indulge sans the guilt! Sound too good to be true? Try them for yourself! Check out my latest flavor, Fruit and Nutz, with your morning coffee at Cafe Angelique!

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