Fast Food Revelation

As you can imagine, I am not a big chain restaurant connoisseur. But over the past few weeks, I have been  pleasantly surprised with our classic American on-the-go eateries. I have stumbled upon some shocking revelations at these cheap eats, only known to me for its “super-sizing” of processed, unhealthy, oily, greasy foods.

Epiphany #1.

After living in my current place for about a year now, I recently noticed a McDonald’s down my street. I honestly thought to myself, who would ever go there? The very next night, walking home from dinner with a friend who lives on the opposite corner of 6th Avenue and West 4thStreet raved about their iced coffee, so much to the point that she forced me inside to taste. You have to understand, I am a true tea drinker, but there is something about the change in weather in New York City. That first break of sunshine and warmth that makes me crave iced coffee ALL summer long. This, my friends, was the best thing that I could have come across that evening. Not to mention the cheapest. I shall return.

Epiphany #2.

I was having one of those mornings- woke up late, no time for breakfast, running out the door. I found myself at a Starbucks uptown just to grab my morning tea…and then my stomach growled. I immediately noticed their breakfast sandwiches (again, something that I usually ignore: ready-made food that has to be heated up doesn’t usually settle in my mind too well. Not too mention what really could be in those sandwiches??).  I next saw that the calories and fat content were written right there AND there was a reduced-fat Turkey Bacon with egg whites on a whole grain english muffin. I died and went to heaven.  I asked for mine without cheese and forgot about where I was off running to. I picked up the Post and sat down to enjoy. Delish.

Epiphany #3.
Just yesterday I was running from one audition to the next and found myself with thirty minutes to spare. I saw a local Starbucks and made my way over for a coffee break. It was, again, nice sunny day. One that only gets me craving some sort of frosty frapp, or some other wasted caloric drink just terribly wrong for you. I got in line and looked at the menu. [Ahhhhhhhhhh] Enlightening! Posted calories. NO WAY?? I quickly snapped out of it and ordered their regular iced coffee with sugar-free vanilla for only 60 calories (vs. their Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino Light at 140 calories) and carried on with my day.  THIS IS GENIUS, I thought. This needs to be at every fast-food chain.

I remember rumors of a proposed city ruling a while back to require food establishments with some certain number of outlets to post calories. Starbucks and Subway have already gotten on this, but it seems the city keeps hitting bumps in the road to get this passed. Delayed two days ago, yet again.  I could only imagine that other fellow New Yorkers are thirsty for this info as well?? I’m not trying to say that The Waverly Inn should have calories posted next to their truffled mac and cheese, but I do think that the fast-food chains should be required to do so in our country full of obesity. Grub Street recently wrote that IHOP also offers caloric information next to each menu item. Apparently posting that their omelettes range from 1,150 to 1,490 calories doesn’t seem to bother the guests. Sadly, not surprising.  To us healthy people, calories count.

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