Root Veggie Crisps

The perfect crunch to your snacking. Make these dressed up homemade chips the next time you’re serving your favorite dip or keep them at your desk for healthy snacking throughout your week. Colorful and full of flavor, your friends will be super impressed! I used a variety of beets and potatoes here, but you can use any root vegetables that you prefer. Different veggies create different textures so feel free to experiment. Using a mandoline will help to get nice, thin and even slices but you could also use a sharp knife, Keep in mind the thinner you slice, the crisper your chip!  Try serving these with my Sweet Potato Hummus- a perfect combination of gourmet and rustic.

Beets are loaded with antioxidants and are an excellent source of folic acid. They also have high levels of anti-carcinogens and are known to fight off cancer cells. Don’t forget about their leafy green tops! These can be sauteed up just like spinach. They are rich in beta-carotene, folic acid, chlorophyll, potassium, vitamin C and iron.

Sweet Potatoes are high in beta-carotene and have more vitamin C and fiber than regular potatoes. The starches in the sweet potato break down easily, making them excellent for digestion. It is known to be an anti-inflammatory food and is soothing on the stomach.

Blue/Purple Potatoes are also high in antioxidants and are known to also reduce inflammation in the body.

Root Veggie Crisps

{Yield: about 4}

3 medium-sized root vegetables of choice (beets, sweet potato, russet potato, blue potatoes, parsnips, etc.)

2 Tbsp canola oil

sea salt

sweet paprika

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F.

Wash veggies really well then slice thinly using a mandolin or sharp knife. Place in a large bowl. Drizzle with oil and sprinkle with sea salt and paprika.

Arrange in a single layer on two baking sheets. Bake for 40- 45 minutes or until golden brown and crisp, turning once. Check often to make sure they don’t burn. (You may need to bake shorter or longer depending on your oven).

Let cool completely. Serve as is, or with your favorite dip, like my sweet potato hummus!

Store in an airtight container at room temperature.

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