Erin O'Leary Stewart- CM

Natural Foods Chef | Fitness Professional |Co-Owner DEFINE body & mind | Creator DEFINE foods 

A graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts, coupled with a background in the movement arts, kinesiology and dance profession with extensive teaching experience in Pilates, barre, dance and fitness classes, Erin spent time working in kitchens and studios across Manhattan prior to relocating to Houston, TX. She is the co-owner of DEFINE body & mind, a contemporary, body-mind franchise concept leading the market in movement, meditation and mindfulness. Erin joined the company in 2011 playing a vital role in expanding the brand with its third location, developing new class programs and products, as well as creating DEFINE foods ; a program dedicated to educating on the importance of whole foods health with a product line of next-level snacks, juices and tea. In 2013, Erin transitioned to work on the implementation of the franchise program, with the ultimate goal of bringing DEFINE to every viable community, and she continues to instruct movement and culinary classes changing the way the world sees health and wellbeing. Click here for culinary events. Click here to shop.



13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey!

    My friend Laura Devlin just visited me out in San Fran and told me about your blog. Im super into raw food, working out etc so she knew I’d be interested. I love your posts so far and the play lists are amazing. Thanks and ill be following!


  2. I am so happy i found your blog via tumblr! I am a dancer, currently in college majoring in dance, and i am addicted to fitness, living well, and (recently) found love in cooking healthy amazing meals.

    My dad has always been a huge foodie and i used to always go to farms, farmers markets, and delicious famous restaurants with him, but it was not until now have I also found as much love in food and cooking as he did.

    love your blog and your story! Sounds exactly like the path I see myself headed in! 🙂

    rachel stone

  3. Very cool! I still play them when I am home– on weekends, though, when I can tear myself away from my toddler, I go to Define’s RO location. And I am in LOVE! I dream of training to be a Define instructor one day, when my son is older and I can get away more 🙂

  4. Hi Erin. I recently saw you on live well network’s mirror mirror. I loved your recipes. I was wondering if you have a cookbook of these kind of recipes. I am a diabetic and I’m trying to eat right. I would love more of your foods that fool recipes.

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